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* Updated List As Of * 5 August 2015 *

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Dr. Stuart Forster (1956-2011, obit) was a long-time Syracuse Astronomical Society member, former president, secretary, contributing author, scope builder, astrophotographer extraordinaire, host to several of the Messier Marathons that marked the beginning of the SAS observing year, multi-lecturer at past meetings and Summer Seminars, and a true amateur astronomer’s astronomer whose knowledge of observing and equipment was as expansive as the summertime Milky Way.

Ryan Goodson and Damian Allis are coordinating the sale of much of Stu’s astronomy equipment, which is extensive. The list below contains all of the equipment thus catalogued that is not already sold and will be (1) added to as new equipment is catalogued and (2) modified as items are sold. Details about the equipment and sale are as follows:

1. Those in CNY and beyond who knew Stu know that all of the equipment is in fine condition and working order. For optics, we will try to provide as much detail about lenses and mirrors as possible, including providing additional images if you want to see things first.

2. Electronics are more complicated. Stu had been an avid astrophotographer for many years and has in his inventory CCD and related equipment spanning 2 decades (from phone plugs to 9-pin serial plugs to USB). Ryan and Damian do not have a way to test this equipment beforehand. We will do our best to answer questions and, when something can clearly be shown not to work, will provide refunds upon equipment return.

3. Generally, if you want more information or other pictures, please ask by sending an email to Ryan and/or Damian will get back to you as soon as possible.

4. “As long as you’re sorting stuff, did Stu have X?” – We regret that our organization of the equipment does not provide us time or constant access to the equipment we are selling. Everything we have in condition to sell is on this page.

5. Shipping – We plan to ship everything by USPS Priority, which means our expected shipping fee will be in the $6 to $12 range (using USPS Priority Boxes packed as reasonably as possible to minimize the number of boxes if you’re buying multiple items). Tracking numbers will be sent as soon as available. Everything will be boxed and wrapped in bubble wrap. If you like, we can make different shipping arrangements, but we ask that you NOT REQUEST CHEAPER SHIPPING OPTIONS. We simply have too much equipment to be buying custom boxes and keeping track of the different shipping options at the Post Office register. We believe this to be a fair request given the very reasonable prices for these items.

6. There is NO HOLDING policy unless you are driving to Syracuse to look at/purchase equipment. If you want to inspect equipment in person, please schedule as promptly as you can.

7. You Can Help – If you know something about a component that you think would help someone else out, please send your information along to (referencing the item number). We assume that people looking to purchase will know what something is (or, at least, “know the difference”) but will happily take additional info and add it.

8. Payment can be made by personal check (to Damian Allis) or PayPal. Please contact Damian at prior to purchasing.

9. “Your descriptions are a little… brief” – We are specifically using the first sale of items to reduce the amount of equipment that then needs to be researched. If you were sent here by another amateur astronomer, chanced are good you already know what the equipment is and don’t need us to tell you (minus additional info, of course)!

10. Click on an image for a larger version (and please ignore the numbers written down in the images. The Item Numbers on this page are the official way to reference equipment).

Item #





1 available
4″ Plate


Celestron C90 1000mm f/11 In Case
Orion FlexiSHIELD
SN: 97415
Made In USA


Part: 1007052432
Remote Guide Head


Williams Optics
Illuminated finder scope with case and mount


Unlabeled 9×50 mm Finder Scope
No front or back covers


2″ Focuser $15.00


2″ Focuser $15.00


2″ Focuser $15.00


2″ Focuser $70.00


2″ Focuser $20.00


2″ Focuser $50.00


2″ Focuser $75.00


ST-4/RF components (looking for full SBIG retro-focuser) $10.00


Orion 9×60 mm illuminated finder scope (tested – works fine) $80.00


Orion Sky Wizard 2 components (potentially unaffiliated components therein) PRICE PENDING


Astrovid StellaCam II CCD Imaging System (appears to be complete) $550.00


BETAX No. 5 Series II Velostigmat No. 497553; Wollensak 12″ F/4.5
Slight ding on the rim (visible at 10 o’clock on the bottom image)


Meade #62 T-Adapter (Japan) in box $20.00


CCD Technology CCD-10 Imager (complete?) with manuals and disks
Model No: CCD-1011231
Serial No: 174


130 F6 FF2
Felted Field Flattener (in box)

7 Thoughts on “The “Stuventory” – Stu Forster Astronomy Equipment For Sale

  1. Hi:

    First let me say how sorry I was to hear of Stu’s passing. I didn’t know him well, but met him at a presentation I did to the Syracuse Astronomy Club a couple of years ago.

    I’m from MVAS: A sister(or brother) astronomy club. We are officially in Clinton, NY, but cover to greater Utica NY area. I’ve been looking over the items you have for sale and am interested in a few of them:

    I’ll take #46, 47, 49, and 50 if they are still available.

    Item #20 appears to be almost identical to Astro Physics SB0800. I have one and it is 1.5″ across the bottom and 1″ across the top and 7″ long. Is yours the same? If so, the price is a little high. The AP SB0800 is available NEW for $32. I will offer $10 each as long as they are 1″ across the top and 1.5″ across the bottom. Or $12 for one. Let me know what you think

    I will be paying by PayPal. Let me know the cost + shipping to:

    Charles Higgins
    2807 Graffenburg Rd.
    New Hartford, NY 13413

    I can make a PayPal payment which won’t incur a fee, or I’ll cover the fee. Your choice. Just let me know where to send the money and the total amount with shipping.

    Thanks and I hope to give his equipment the use it deserves.

    Chuck Higgins
    Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society

  2. stephen Capp on May 30, 2013 at 7:02 pm said:

    Hello Damian,

    Stu was a great man and he will
    always be remembered in the SAS and I’m thankful for the knowledge and
    advice he gave me.

    I am interested in the
    2-to-1.25 eyepiece adapter #125 if it is still

    Thank-you for all your work;


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