CNYO Observers Log: The November 3rd Hybrid Solar Eclipse That No One In CNY Saw Directly…

Greetings fellow astrophiles!

Below is a brief Syracuse/CNYO-centric summary of the hybrid solar eclipse that occurred this past Sunday, November 3rd. The original announcement on this site can be found HERE.

Larry Slosberg and I were both bright-eyed Syracuse attendees to this infrequent celestial alignment, Larry staking out the parking lot of Long Branch Park and I setting up tripod and portable radio on my downtown rooftop (WRVO’s very early morning replay of Fresh Air featured Canadian astronaut and all-around internet phenom Cmdr. Chris Hadfield – which I had hoped would be a good omen of clearing skies).


Larry’s non-view of the solar eclipse at Long Branch Park. Click for a larger view.

After 90 minutes of impressive cloud patterns and migrating birds, the Sun poked through the clouds just after the end of the hybrid eclipse. Our friends at Kopernik (both on their Kopernik Facebook Page and the CNYO Facebook Page – you mean you’ve not joined them yet?) reported even worse cloud cover for the morning, making the few images below the only proof that the Sun was out at all before the clouds broke later that afternoon.


Two 1/4000 sec. shots of the Sun with a Canon T31. Click for larger views.

Despite the lack of the real thing, I was very pleased to see the local media light up with short segments on the eclipse (there can never be enough science on local news). John Mariani at went one step beyond, summarizing the eclipse and providing some direct sights of what we all (or at least two of us) missed. His article, including still images and a video put together by Associated Press, can be found at the link below:…/solar_eclipse_sweeps_from_eastern_us_to_east_africa.html

With the morning a wash but the evening expected to improve markedly, Larry and I returned to our regular schedule (albeit a bit slower) in anticipation of the New Moon Telescopes 27″ Dobsonian public viewing session later in the evening.

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