First Announcement: CNYO At Beaver Lake Nature Center, Thursday – September 18th

Greetings fellow astrophiles!


After a very spotty Summer for observing, CNYO is putting its Autumn events calendar together, starting with a rescheduling of our August 8th Beaver Lake Nature Center session on September 18th (with the 25th as the weather-alternate). The description remains more-or-less the same, as the one-month change in timing doesn’t affect what will rise from the East or fall to the West too much.

CNY Observers host an introductory lecture to the Night Sky focusing on planets and other objects observable during September and October.  This outdoor lecture will cover some simple ways to learn the constellations, details about meteor showers, observing satellites and the ISS, and the ever-expanding description of our own Solar System.  If time and weather permits, some early evening views of Mars and Saturn will be had from the Beaver Lake parking lot, while Neptune and Uranus will be visible (to telescopes) for the entire viewing session.

As with all Beaver Lake events, this one only charges the parking fee ($2 or $3, waiting on the final announcement from Beaver Lake to see what this will be). And, as usual, be sure to check the CNYO website during the afternoon of Thursday, Sept. 18th for confirmation that the event is on (or that the rain date of the 25th will be used).

Advanced registration is required for this event (if a critical number does not register, they will cancel the event. It hasn’t happened yet, but don’t take that chance!). You can call them now at (315) 638-2519 or email them at and make mention of the CNYO session on September 18th.

If you want to help us keep track of attendance, consider adding yourself to our Facebook Event and/or group and register for this event at:

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