First Announcement: CNYO Lecture And Observing At Liverpool Public Library, Thursday – October 16th

Greetings again, fellow astrophiles!

Our second scheduled event for Autumn, 2014 is our yearly return to Liverpool Public Library for a combination lecture/observing session at 7:00 p.m. in the Carman Community Room (event link). This time, the session will start with a lecture on the Sun (so we’ll all know what we’ll be missing the next several months).

The Sun and Earth @ 4.5 Billion Years: The Sun, Earth, and other members in the Solar system formed together from a ball of gas about 4.5 billion years ago. After a rocky gassy start, the Solar System settled into the arrangement we know today, and has been quite stable for the bulk of its history. From Aurora to Zooplankton, the story of Earth is a story of how the third planet and its inhabitants have processed the Sun’s energy. This lecture will cover this long history and will provide a preview of the next 5 billion years. If skies are clear, we will also take the session outside for some autumn stargazing.

The session will continue outdoors (weather-permitting) with some open and globular cluster viewing (Mars and Saturn will be well below the tree-line by 8 p.m. and downtown Liverpool is a bit too bright for galaxy viewing).

Also – if you didn’t already know – LPL has great starter amateur astronomy kits for loan at their front desk! The kits include 20×80 binoculars, a red flashlight, planisphere, and a book on learning the constellations. Get a feel for the sky before you spend a dime on any other equipment!

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