Students And Educators! Sally Ride EarthKAM Winter Mission Announcement, January 27-30, 2015

Greetings fellow astrophiles!

The following announcement came through the NASA Solar System Ambassador email list (for which Ryan Goodson and myself are current SSA’s planning several events for the year. If you or your organization is looking for lecturers, please contact us!). Participants will be allowed to select locations on Earth to take images of using the Sally Ride EarthKAM on board the International Space Station.


If you apply and get some camera time, please grab a snapshot of CNY for us! Details below:

Students and educators are invited to participate in the Sally Ride EarthKAM winter mission scheduled for January 27 – 30, 2015. Guide your students in hands-on research as they program a camera aboard the International Space Station to take pictures of specific locations on Earth. The optional online curricula at the Sally Ride EarthKAM website are targeted at middle school students but are adaptable for other grade levels. All students and educators are welcome, including participants in afterschool programs.
For more information and to register for an upcoming mission, visit the Sally Ride EarthKAM home page at 

If you have questions about the EarthKAM project, please email

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