Free Astronomy Magazine – July-August 2015 Issue Available For Reading And Download

Greetings, fellow astrophiles!

2015july18_freeastro_coverThe most recent issue of Free Astronomy Magazine (July-August, 2015) is available for your reading and downloading pleasure at (click the link to go directly to the issue).

Free Astronomy Magazine was featured as the first of a (to be) series of articles on great free online content for amateur astronomers (see A Universe Of Free Resources Part 1) and the May-June issue announcement was also posted recently on the CNYO website.

The content, as usual, is varied and well-presented. From our own backyard (Dawn @ Ceres), out to the neighbor’s place (51 Pegasi B), to all the way into the next town (the gigantic halo discovered around the Andromeda Galaxy), the issue is full of great, highly informative articles (the same kinds of informative and science-filled articles you’d expect from… more expensive providers).

You can find previous Free Astronomy Magazine issues by checking out our Free Astronomy Magazine Category (or look under the Education link in our menu).

For those wanting a quick look at what this issue has to offer, the Table of Contents is reproduced below.

July-August 2015

The web browser-readable version of the magazine can be found here:

For those who want to jump right to the PDF download (50 MB), Click HERE.


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