Bob Piekiel Hosts A Mercury/Jupiter-Centric Observing Session At Baltimore Woods, Friday – 15 April 2015

UPDATE: FRIDAY, APRIL 15 – The Baltimore Woods observing session is A GO for tonight! Dress accordingly and come enjoy some excellent views of Mercury, Jupiter, and the Moon!

Greetings fellow astrophiles!


The view at 8:00 p.m., Friday, April 15th. Click for a larger view.

The temperature’s spiked up just in time for Bob Piekiel’s monthly observing session at Baltimore Woods.

A quick note from Bob about the session:

My program highlight is Mercury, which is at greatest elongation. I’m actually listing the program with a 6pm start time (the Sun will still be up!) because we will also have the Moon and Jupiter as easy targets, and with my NexStar GPS I can lock on them and find Mercury very early. I don’t think it’s necessary to get there much before 6:30, but Mercury does drop below the tree line during twilight.

A Note About Baltimore Woods

Part of Baltimore Woods’ support for their facility and programs comes from event fees – take in some keen sights and keep the place going at the same time!

* Registration for these events are required. Low registration may cause programs to be canceled.
* $5 for members, $15/family; $8 for nonmembers, $25/family.
* To Register By Email:
* To Register By Phone: (315) 673-1350

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