Free Astronomy Magazine – November-December 2019 Issue Available For Reading And Download

Greetings, fellow astrophiles!

The most recent issue of Free Astronomy Magazine (November-December 2019) is available for your reading and downloading pleasure at (click the link to go directly to the issue).

As editor-in-chief Michele Ferrara alludes to early in his “flexible concept” article on page 38, there’s been quite the transition into the study of exoplanets and the potentials for habitability as a way to more credibly have the discussion about alien life. His article on page 22 is worth the read for those who think it’s not a question of “if” but of “how often?”

Free Astronomy Magazine (website, facebook) was featured as the first of a series of articles on great free online content for amateur astronomers (see A Universe Of Free Resources Part 1) and we’ll be keeping track of future publications under the Online Resources category on the CNYO website.

You can find previous Free Astronomy Magazine issues by checking out our Free Astronomy Magazine Category (or look under the Education link in our menu).

For those wanting a quick look at what the issue has to offer, the Table of Contents is reproduced below.

November-December 2019

The web browser-readable version of the issue can be found here:

November-December 2019 –

For those who want to jump right to the PDF download (20 MB), Click here:

November-December 2019

One Thought on “Free Astronomy Magazine – November-December 2019 Issue Available For Reading And Download

  1. thomlocke on October 31, 2019 at 6:20 pm said:

    thanks mr allis,.. phd, at syracuse university, pretty cool, i had some good times, at syracuse university,. a very unique experience..
    …………………………… astro imaging is tough in syracuse!.
    ————————- thanks for the nice reply..
    very good luck to you!. paz

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