All Good Things… A Final (Official) CNY Observers (& Observing) Website Post

Greetings, fellow astrophiles –

After nearly eight years of observing announcements, CNY astronomy events, TACNY posts, major NASA announcements, Free Astronomy Magazine issue announcements, the short-lived Upstate New York Stargazing series for (archived at, and a variety of other “that’s interesting” items for your consideration, the website component to CNYO is being retired. The site itself will remain up as a record of many years of observing, lecturing, outreach, and lots of good times had among all the dedicated amateur astronomers and aspiring observers who joined in our many activities.

Anything related to future CNYO activities can be followed in the CNYO Facebook Group. And, truth be told, we barely scratched the account.

As a club, CNYO specialized in outreach wherever a decent location and parking could be had, be that at libraries, local parks, or ice cream shops. It goes without saying that there are several dedicated organizations with observatories, regular meetings, and their own outreach efforts for you to engage in astronomy with – a number of knowledgeable individuals, clubs, and their websites exist in Central New York for you to get out and look up!

For instance, keep track of observing opportunities at several Syracuse-area public parks and at Baltimore Woods with Bob Piekiel!

Depending on your location, you might find a local club *just* close enough to be worth the drive every month for meetings and observing (when the pandemic subsides. For now, consider their Zoom opportunities). From east to west…

Utica/RomeMohawk Valley Astronomical

SyracuseSyracuse Astronomical Society (the closest home for some of the CNYO participants as well)

Binghamton/VestalKopernik Astronomical

RochesterAstronomy Section Rochester Academy of

Rochester/Buffalo AreaWestern NY

BuffaloBuffalo Astronomical


And, of course, excellent sessions are to be had in your own backyard with a decent sky chart and a pair of binoculars.

Finally, the comment sections for the site will be kept open (for those comments surviving the spam filter) and the email address will remain active for years to come – Observing notes from CNYO events and other items remain most welcome!

Wishing you clear skies and limited artificial lighting.

Space is the place!

Above – Bob Piekiel, Larry Slosberg, and Damian Allis in “inaction action” before closing up shop, Perseid weekend, 2013.

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