A New Organization Committed To An Ancient Craft…

Mission Statement

CNYO (CNY Observers & Observing) is an organization based in Syracuse, NY. The goal of the organization is to promote amateur astronomy, space science, and other science activities throughout Central New York through lectures, daytime and nighttime observing sessions, announcements of local activities on the CNYO website, and other forms of public outreach.

CNYO Membership

CNYO is, at its core, a group of people who love observing, promoting amateur astronomy, and lecturing on topics of observing, astronomy, and space science. At present, there is no formal membership plan. The first organizers of CNYO have simply provided a platform for lectures, observing, and other events where all are welcome. The website serves as a base of operations for all CNYO activities. While twitter, facebook, and meetup have all been employed in spreading the message, the only official location for CNYO info is cnyo.org (and anything that appears here will find its way to the other locations).

Public Lectures

CNYO members have lectured throughout CNY in the past few years, including well-attended sessions at Liverpool Public Library, White Branch Library, Marcellus Free Library, Beaver Lake Nature Center, and The MOST. These lectures (and sometimes combined observing sessions) are always free and open to the public. CNYO members are happy to bring their love of amateur astronomy to your group as well! As our calendar settles for the year, check for available dates to host a lecture and let us know the organization and the expected age of attendees.

Sidewalk Astronomy

The most amazing views in this world are the ones from out of this world! CNYO is establishing a local sidewalk astronomy component that hopes to bring both the nighttime sky and the Sun to the public. With plenty of locations in and around CNY to host observing events, CNYO hopes to organize scope owners and the aspiring amateur astronomer alike for scheduled and impromptu observing sessions. Have a scope you’re interested in running for an event? Please contact us at info@cnyo.org or through our web form for more info!

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