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Free Astronomy Magazine – May-June 2015 Issue Available For Reading And Download

Greetings, fellow astrophiles!

A few months back I featured Free Astronomy Magazine as the first of a (to be) series of articles on great free online content for amateur astronomers (see A Universe Of Free Resources Part 1). I received announcement of the May-June issue availability in mid-May (have been busy cleaning out CNYO email folders!).

You can find previous Free Astronomy Magazine issues by checking out our Free Astronomy Magazine Category (or look under the Education link in our menu).


The May-June 2015 Table Of Contents:

The web browser-readable version of the magazine can be found here:


For those who want to jump right to the PDF download (50 MB), Click HERE.

* Nova 1670, a mystery almost solved

* Mars: the planet that lost an ocean’s worth of water

* Hubble sees supernova split into four images by cosmic lens

* Looking deeply into the universe in 3D

* The largest ocean is on Ganymede

* An old-looking galaxy in a young universe

* A grand extravaganza of new stars

* Unusual asteroid suspected of spinning to explosion

* Dusty cloud passes galactic centre black hole

* Waiting for Philae’s reawakening