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Free Astronomy Magazine – May-June 2020 Issue Available For Reading And Download

The most recent issue of Free Astronomy Magazine (May-June 2020) is available for your reading and downloading pleasure at www.astropublishing.com.

It is my hope that you had opportunity to read the perspectives from several amateur astronomers (myself included) and their organizations in the March-April issue (announcement).

May-June returns to the selected survey of astronomical content of local and cosmological interest from NASA/ESA, ESO, ALMA, as well as our fearless (and isolated in Italy) leader/editor Michele Ferrara. The two highlights of original content include an analysis of a recent journal article on the possibility of observing meteors entering the atmosphere at sub-relativistic speeds (try reading that three times fast) and another journal article (and entire research project from Cornell) on the possibility of using the known light-releasing behavior among lifeforms on Earth as a possible way to check for life on (nearby) exoplanets.

For those wanting a quick look at what the issue has to offer, the Table of Contents is reproduced below.

The web browser-readable version: www.astropublishing.com/3FAM2020/

Jump right to the PDF download (18 MB): May-June 2020