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TACNY Tech Community Listserv Announcement: Volunteers Needed For Two January 2014 VEX Robotics Competitions!

For the mechanically-inclined readers of the CNYO website, the following request-for-volunteers-and-expertise was sent to the TACNY listserv today. If you can help, please consider doing so!

Greetings and Happy New Year from TACNY and The MOST!

2014jan9_vex_competitionAny robotics experts or hobbyists out there interested in inspiring and educating CNY youth?? We are in need of volunteers to judge, referee, and otherwise support two imminently upcoming and FABULOUS youth STEM competitions:

* CNY Regional Vex Robotics Challenge, Saturday Jan 11th @ the MOST

* Northern NY VEX Toss Up State Championship, Saturday Jan 25th @ the SRC Arena

The following positions remain critically needed and available: Practice Field Manager, On-Deck Manager, Pit Referee (2), and Judge (3). We also have other areas in which we would greatly appreciate support, such as food distribution, registration, practice field assistant, on deck assistant, and more!! If you are able and willing to volunteer, please let us know

– whether you have a position preference,
– whether we may freely assign you,
– whether you have robotics-consciousness, and
– which event you are interested in volunteering for.

If you can volunteer, please arrive at the event(s) at or before 7 AM, as registration begins at that time. Details regarding the events can be found on the associated links above.

Your time and energy are valuable and invaluable!! Volunteers will receive a breakfast snack and lunch at both events.

Both competitions are substantially supported by TACNY, Lockheed Martin, TimeWarner Cable and NASA.
Please share this note with your associates, colleagues and students. We do hope that many of you can assist!! Please email dplumley@most.org if you would like to be a VEX competition volunteer!!

Many thanks,
Diane, Peter, and the VEX Organizational Committee

“New MOST Exhibit Uses Video Game Technology To Interact With Humans” – Article At syracuse.com

Katrina Tulloch at syracuse.com posted an article early this morning about a new immersive technology exhibit that attendees of this morning’s TACNY Jr. Cafe Scientifique were able to immerse themselves in for free.

From the article, available at syracuse.com/entertainment/…/new_exhibit_at_the_most.html, I highlight my favorite part of the installation, Lorne Covington’s Immersive Solar Explorer (those who’ve kept up with the website will remember our post about Lorne’s exhibit back during The MOST’s NASA Climate Day festivities this past April):

The second screen, “The Unseen Sun,” uses continuously updated information from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory to create an interactive sun. By waving their hands, people can “change” the sun’s colors and examine the sun’s different temperature levels.

From the article: New augmented reality exhibit at the Museum of Science and Technology MOST science educator Matt Fagan, 23, explains the features of the museum’s new fall exhibit, “Out There: Exploring Space through Augmented Reality.”

Furthermore, if you’ve not taken an afternoon to expand your mind (or your kids’ minds), The MOST has quite a bit of really good astronomy education happening in its lower floors as permanent installations. Well worth the admission price.

But you can also explore on the cheap! As attendees to TACNY Jr. Cafe Scientifique lectures know, your attendance comes with a free admission to all of the floor exhibits for the afternoon (then use the savings to pick up a model of the Space Shuttle on your way out!).

Before closing this post up, I’d like to extend a sincere thanks to both Katrina Tulloch and the ever-cumulonimbus Dave Eichorn at syracuse.com for regularly posting items of local science (and, specifically, astronomy) interest. If you missed it, Dave’s recent “Anatomy of a beautiful sunset over Central New York this evening” post distilled a nice bit of astronomy, meteorology, history, and photography in one fell swoop.

You can get their direct feeds by subscribing to their twitter feeds (as the @cnyobs account does): @katrinatulloch and @DaveEichorn.

Article 1: http://www.syracuse.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2013/10/new_exhibit_at_the_most.html

Article2 : http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/10/anatomy_of_a_firey_sunset.html