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Site Content FYI – End Of Upstate New York Stargazing Series, May 2018

Greetings fellow astrophiles,

After almost two years, 28 articles (having even gone weekly last summer to coax people out more often with up-to-date positioning and flyover timings), one well-attended solar eclipse, and a short-stack of Uranus potty humor and misspelled complaints about grammar and punctuation (sorry again, Kathleen), the decision was made by Syracuse Media Group to discontinue the UNY Stargazing series featured at and

Those seeking monthly astronomy content do not have to look far at all – generally speaking, there is little to differentiate the Upstate NY skies from the rest of the continental U.S. Planetary, some satellite, and various deep space observing opportunities are available for your reading and scheduling pleasure at the many sites listed on the CNYO Cheat Sheet.

If you have not yet done so – I cannot recommend enough that you find and join a local astronomy club. Your membership will help keep them going, and the learning and observing opportunities will help keep you going.

Free Astronomy Magazine – May-June 2018 Issue Available For Reading And Download

Greetings, fellow astrophiles!

The most recent issue of Free Astronomy Magazine (May-June 2018) is available for your reading and downloading pleasure at (click the link to go directly to the issue).

Free Astronomy Magazine was featured as the first of a series of articles on great free online content for amateur astronomers (see A Universe Of Free Resources Part 1) and we’ll be keeping track of future publications under the Online Resources category on the CNYO website.

You can find previous Free Astronomy Magazine issues by checking out our Free Astronomy Magazine Category (or look under the Education link in our menu).

For those wanting a quick look at what the issue has to offer, the Table of Contents is reproduced below.

May-June 2018

The web browser-readable version of the issue can be found here:

May-June 2018 –

For those who want to jump right to the PDF download (27 MB), Click here: May-June 2018