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Recent Product Announcements To CNYO – LVI Smartguider 2 Autoguider System, Night Sky Star Stensils™, And StarLog Telescope Observation Tracking System

Greetings fellow astrophiles,

The following emails and product information came to the CNYO inbox recently and are reproduced below as received. CNYO does not endorse any particular product or service, but is happy to provide a forum for astronomy-related merchandise and services. Members of the CNYO board will also consider reviewing products on a case-by-case basis (please contact info@cnyo.org for more information).

LVI Smartguider 2 Autoguider System

Click HERE For The Brochure (in PDF Format)

2015april1_lviThe LVI Smartguider 2 system is an all in one auto guiding package that is also capable of DSLR reflex control making it an excellent accessory if one of your members uses an iOptron Skyguider, or Skywatcher Star Adventure. Supporting ST4 compliant and non-ST4 compliant mounts the Smartguider 2 is a laptop free auto guider. This eliminates the need to carry and supply power to a laptop just for auto guiding if you use a DSLR for imaging. It will also work for anyone that does imaging with a telescope on a computerized mount. Supporting non-ST4 mounts like the Meade Autostar #497, Losmandy #492, Vixen Starbook, and Takahashi Temma systems.

I believe that this hobby is a great one, and if a product exist to help make it better and more enjoyable then I want to share it. I started Ontario Telescope and Accessories because of my love for the hobby, and I wanted to provide a new experience to my local market. LVI and OTA have partnered to bring the Smartguider 2 to North America and I am looking to share the information.

Additional information and accessories for the Smartguider 2 can be found at this link: www.ontariotelescope.com/LVI-Cameras_bymfg_20-0-1.html

If you or anyone in your club has any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time in reading my email, and clear sky’s!

Steve Mallia
Ontario Telescope and Accessories

Night Sky Star Stensils™

The following email and brochures were sent courtesy of Dick Shimmin of Bridgeway, Inc., located in Galesburg, IL. For additional information (or to purchase), the product reviews on amazon.com may be useful.

Click HERE For The Product Announcement (in PDF Format)

Click HERE For The Product Brochure (in PDF Format)

2015april1_nightskiespictureThe Night Skies Star Stencils can create a relaxing and romantic display of a real night sky in any darkened room of anyone lured by the attraction to or are studying the night time sky, particularly those associated with CNY Observers. The Night Skies Star Stencils are available in two sizes featuring accurate and educational winter or summer night time displays over the Northern Hemisphere. Luminous paint and a corresponding star map are included with each Night Skies Star Stencils to enhance their educational value. The stencils can be used more than once and additional luminous paint is available. They can be purchased from many retailers who can be found by searching “Night Skies Star Stencils” on the Internet.

The Night Skies Star Stencils are a portion of the Ursa Major stencil selection produced by Bridgeway. Bridgeway, headquartered in Illinois, is a not-for-profit agency that provides an assortment of services to disabled people. Sales of its American made products help fund those programs.

* Night Sky Star Stencil™ transforms the ceiling of your darkened room into a dramatic replica of the real night sky while leaving the lighted room unchanged (no posters or noticeable markings).

* Dazzling and romantic. Guaranteed bedtime fun for everyone.

* Soothing and relaxing. Finally a simple cure for fear of the dark. The peaceful comfort of a starry night inspires a feeling of “connectedness” with the universe. Enhance your sense of peace with our new tape, Night Sounds™.

* Accurate and educational! Stars and constellations are in proper positions with accurate relative brightness. You also get a hand-held Star Map and Constellation Finder that shows the names and locations of hundred of stars–an entire hemisphere! In addition, the star map is an excellent take-along item anytime you’re star gazing outdoors.

* Easy! You simply affix the stencil to the ceiling or wall–the adhesive won’t stain or remove paint or wallpaper–and paint the stencil holes with the special glow-in-the-dark paint. Then you remove the stencil. Works on both smooth and textured ceilings!

* When you’re ready for the stars to shine, expose them to normal room light. Turn out the lights, and the stars glow and keep glowing for up to 30 minutes. They can be recharged indefinitely and are unnoticeable in lighted rooms or on light-colored surfaces. The 8-foot stencil takes one hour to apply; the 12-foot takes two hours. The stencil can be saved and reused.

* It’s all here! Your kit contains everything you need. The Night Sky Star Stencil (either 8- or 12- feet in diameter), adhesive, a special formula luminous paint, brush, and easy-to-follow instructions.

* No projectors, no batteries, no black lights…nothing to clutter the room.

* Completely safe non-toxic paint and adhesive (certified by O.S.H.A.).

* Available in winter or summer Northern Hemisphere sky, and 8- or 12-foot diameter. Choose one to fit your room.

StarLog – Telescope Observation Tracking System

The following email from Emerald Bay Software announces a new iPad app for keeping track of your observing sessions.

2015april1_StarLogMainMenuStarLog is the first app designed specifically for the iPad to log, track and analyze your celestial observations. It ties every observation to the current weather and equipment you are using. We partner with www.cleardarksky.com to provide the weather metrics, which include cloud cover, transparency, seeing and darkness for American timezones. With a pleasing night-vision mode, you can easily flip back and forth between StarLog and your other iPad apps that help you locate objects. StarLog is multi-user, multi-location, multi-timezone, fully documented, and your data can be backed up to iCloud or exported to CSV files.

Check it out!!! Visit our website Emerald Bay Software or lookup the app in the iTunes Store for more information.